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Legacy Dinner Launches ACT Into South Dallas

November 16, 2015

The Hall of State looked a little like the Emerald City on November 5th as more than 250 partners and supporters poured into our second annual Fall Benefit: the ACT Legacy Dinner. The iconic building glowed with green lights and a red carpet invited guests into the inspirational evening announcing our launch into South Dallas.

After having their photo taken and catching up with familiar faces during the cocktail reception, guests found a seat in the chandeliered hall built to commemorate the Texas centennial. Bryan Dunagan, Senior Pastor at Highland Park Presbyterian Church opened the evening with prayer before guests enjoyed dinner with friends. For a peek of the evening, take a look at our album here.

As Founder and President, Reid Porter, took the stage, guests were asked to think about their own legacies. Believing each of us has the same standing before God, not deserving anything we have, but knowing we have been entrusted with our gifts as faithful stewards, Porter shared the call on each of our lives to seek justice for those without it. At ACT, we believe we are called to fight for the most difficult parts of our city—leaving a legacy of dignity, justice, and transformation.

Not only did they get the inside scoop on how we eradicate drug houses, guests of the Legacy Dinner were also among the first to hear some big news. Confident we are ready to replicate our model beyond West Dallas, ACT is preparing a team and empowering residents in Mill City to fight crime on their streets.

Knowing so many families are waiting for someone to take a stand, we prayerfully sought the Lord and collaborated with local organizations and police on where we might be able to make the greatest impact. With a high crime rate, moderate level of community activism, and the support of potential strategic partners, Mill City has all of the characteristics we believe are critical to success.

ACT is honored to have had our work affirmed by Chief Brown that evening and grateful to celebrate our partnership with the courageous officers of the Dallas Police Department. We know that as we look forward to beginning work in South Dallas, one of our most strategic partners has and always will be the Dallas Police Department.

Guests left with a commemorative piece of wood from a demolished drug house on Pueblo—a powerful reminder and testament to what is possible when men and women from all over come together to make our city safer, stand for justice, and decide to act.

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