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February 29, 2016

We have some incredibly dedicated volunteers--heroes in transforming our community. From volunteering at our prayer walks to clearing alleyways or helping at will clinics, our work would not be possible without the help our volunteers. Take a look at how volunteers are being shaped by their time with ACT as we work together to transform communities. 

I have been involved with ACT in many different ways. I first found out about ACT about two years ago during my sophomore year of high school when they came to do a presentation at my school’s chapel, and I found the organization very interesting, and after watching the video I really felt called by the Lord to take action and get involved with the mission. My teacher then asked students to go on a prayer walk with ACT, and then that next Saturday I went on one of ACT’s prayer walks and immediately fell in love with the organization. I can’t tell you how much of a blessing it was and how thankful I was after I went on my first prayer walk. Then shortly after that I started going on more prayer walks, and started to get involved with the Women and Children’s Bible Studies. And then my passion grew from then on to go to every possible West Dallas/ACT event that I was invited to. I love going and serving with ACT and try to go down there just about every chance I get.

My experience at ACT has moved me in so many different ways. It was truly a blessing from God that I was able to get involved with ACT. When ACT came to my school to do the presentation it was during a time where I was looking for a place where I could serve regularly and use my gifts to the glory of God. And it has been an experience far greater than I had ever imagined. Every time I make the drive to go down there and serve my faith in God and my walk with Christ is greatly strengthened.

God has taught me many things and continues to teach me many things while serving down in West Dallas. He has given me a great passion for the community and revealed to me my calling to serve the community. But most of all I’m so greatly moved by the faith of the citizens that make up the community of West Dallas, and their willingness to stand up and be leaders for Christ in their neighborhood. God has taught me that he is always working in the lives of people everywhere all over this city and to never loose hope because he is always at work. 

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