Generation Justice

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April 27, 2017
6:30-9:30 PM

The Empire Room
1225 North Riverfront Boulevard
Dallas, Texas

Drinks & Bites | Valet Provided | Dressy Casual

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Event chairs

Lindsey and Evan Baker

Host committee

  • Carrie and Clay Arnold
  • Heath and Scott Beasley
  • Daley and Rob Bennett
  • Katherine and Justin Bibb
  • MacKenzie and Benjamin Carpenter
  • Alexandra and Patrick Crawford
  • Katie and Peter Crow
  • Anne and Cole Evans
  • Martina and Tony Fundaro
  • Elizabeth and Luke Gittemeier
  • Kristen and Sterling Hillman
  • Brittany and Nelson Hunt
  • Ashley and Brooks Igo
  • Kenzie and Case Killgore
  • Mary Love and Phillip Koons
  • Valerie Maniscalco
  • Megan and Kyle Manley
  • Gresham and Stephen Meek
  • Adair and Robert Neely
  • Martin Newman
  • Hannah and Tommy Obenchain
  • Jacky and Peter Pincoffs
  • Chelsea and Davis Ridley
  • Carrie and Blake Rowling
  • Brittany and John Sargent
  • Jenny and Joel Schubert
  • Julia and Blake Schwarz
  • Beth and Marshall Smith
  • Claire and Tobin Swope
  • Kristen and Wilson Vick
  • Elizabeth and Marshall Viney
  • Melissa and Thorne Williams

Thank you to our Sponsors

  • Lindsey and Evan Baker
  • Anne and Cole Evans
  • Brittany and Nelson Hunt
  • Amy and Jason Kulas
  • Betsy and Cary Newman
  • Veronica Roth and Dick Sayles
  • Jenny and Joel Schubert
  • Beth and Marshall Smith
  • Elizabeth and Marshall Viney
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Every gardener hopes that their plants take root.

When a plant or tree takes root, it begins to grow. It becomes more deeply anchored in the earth, and more fruitful.

The seeds that we have been sowing at ACT are taking root. We are expanding from West Dallas into South Dallas, and we are growing our community of justice-minded people every day.

When an idea like justice takes root in a city, it spreads. Help us share and spread our commitment to social justice through Dallas.

We're excited to invite you to our signature Generation Justice event, an evening specially designed to educate and inspire young leaders who are eager to stand for justice and see transformation in our inner cities.

More than a social event, Generation Justice is a gathering of emerging leaders who want to see historically oppressed communities transform into safe, stable neighborhoods where crime-ridden properties are removed and dignity and hope are restored.

We hope you'll join us.