Generation Justice

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April 12, 2018
6:30-9:30 PM

2616 Commerce St.
Dallas, Texas

Drinks & Bites | Valet Provided | Dressy Casual

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Event chairs

Marshall and Elizabeth Viney

Host committee

  • Lindsey & Evan Baker
  • Cameron & Emily Beaty
  • Kari & Josh Beets
  • Daley & Rob Bennett
  • Taylor & Trey Bowles
  • Brett & Andrea Bradshaw
  • Benjamin & MacKenzie Carpenter
  • Alexandra & Patrick Crawford
  • Brandi & Charlie Dunn
  • Martina & Tony Fundaro
  • Elizabeth & Luke Gittemeier
  • Adam & Chelsea Griffin
  • Katherine & John Hardaway
  • Reasha Hedke
  • Paige Herlihy
  • Sterling & Kristen Hillman
  • Ashley & Brooks Igo
  • Case & Kenzie Kilgore
  • Genny & Loren Koziol
  • Theodore Kwong
  • Jessica & Jordan Lewis
  • Anne MacDonald
  • Valerie Maniscalco
  • Stephen & Gresham Meek
  • Martin Newman
  • Katie Pacholczyk
  • Jacky & Peter Pincoffs
  • Chelsea & Davis Ridley
  • Keith & Kristin Shepelwich
  • Joel & Jenny Schubert
  • Julia & Blake Schwarz
  • Graham Shelby
  • Beth & Marshall Smith
  • Claire & Tobin Swope
  • Jenna Tenpenny
  • Sam Turtletaub
  • Thorne & Melissa Williams
  • Alison Williams

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God, give us eyes to see life through the eyes of our inner-city neighbors.

Give us eyes to see what a safer Dallas could look like…

Eyes to see what shalom looks like, what your kingdom on earth looks like…

Eyes to see our part in all of this.

What does it look and feel like to live next door to a drug house? And what could Dallas be if justice reigned in the inner city? What could full human flourishing look like if people didn’t live under the oppression of crime and violence?

You can’t work towards something if you don't know what it looks like, so we want guests to envision a new Dallas, and come alongside us and our residents to create it. We want them to see how Act’s work is a part of something bigger—God’s greater plan for restoration of all of creation.

At Generation Justice: Eyes to See, we invite guests to envision, to imagine what could be, if only we had eyes to see.