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What Could Have Been…

June 24, 2015

These stairs tell a story…

Perhaps, little feet pitter-pattered up these steps up to a house that once was called home. Perhaps a mother proudly carried her child up them for the first time. Perhaps, this was the first home of a proud, newly married couple. Or, maybe it was a house where grandchildren have fond memories of visiting their grandparents.

Now, these steps lead to nowhere.

You have to wonder, what happened? Why would a house, once full of life, have to disappear—never to be rebuilt? At ACT, we see this happen time and time again.  Houses fall into the wrong hands and become dens of crime. Now, a place that once held so much life, holds neighbors as prisoners in their own home.

But, what could have happened to these steps if neighbors had been educated about their rights so that the actions of drug dealers would not have been tolerated? What if the person that owned the home had a will that designated someone to inherit the house that would take care of it and keep it vital?

We can’t go back and change what could have been, but we can work today for the safe neighborhood of tomorrow.  ACT works to prevent crime before it begins by educating neighbors about their rights and encouraging them to take a stand when they see injustice. Volunteer attorneys handle estate planning for inner-city residents so that their homes will be transferred to a responsible heir. The vision of ACT is to see safe neighborhoods where crime is eliminated and dignity and hope restored. Our hope is to see life come back to inner city streets and children growing up in a childhood without fear.

Fifty years from now, let’s hope we are seeing what could be and not asking what could have been.   

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