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Betsy Newman, Volunteer

June 24, 2015
Betsy Newman, Volunteer

Betsy Newman has volunteered with ACT’s Women’s Bible Study every week for the past year and built a bond with them that only time and repetition can accomplish. Although she does not speak the language of many of the women who attend, she continues to be impacted by the experience. The Women’s Bible Studies provides opportunities for our volunteers and neighborhood women to live out spiritual truths as they study Scripture and walk through life together.


“I asked the Lord to guide me in being the hands and feet of Jesus, and He answered, by opening the door for me to serve with ACT. When I serve with the Women’s Bible Study, I am hoping to communicate Christ’s love to them. There can be a language barrier since I don't speak Spanish, but no matter what, being with other believers in West Dallas offers a bond of fellowship that has no boundaries.”

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